Reinventing SAP Security: The Power of Dynamic Data Enforcement

In the realm of SAP security, staying ahead of evolving threats and compliance standards is paramount. Our platform revolutionizes SAP’s existing security model, injecting advanced controls that not only prevent unauthorized access but also significantly reduce business risks.

Sophisticated Controls for Unparalleled Security

  1. Preventing Unauthorized Access: Our platform adds sophisticated controls, ensuring every access point is fortified against unauthorized intrusion, providing you with peace of mind in your SAP environment.
  2. Granular Visibility and Threat Detection: Through granular visibility, we empower you to detect threats efficiently. This not only streamlines audits but also ensures you are well-prepared for compliance checks.

Data-Centric Security: Aligning with Business Objectives

Embracing a data-centric approach, Dynamic Data Enforcement surmounts the constraints of traditional controls. It allows you to seamlessly align SAP security policies with your business objectives, ensuring a harmonious integration between security and your organizational goals.

Maximize SAP Investment: Productivity, Cost Efficiency, and Security

  1. Enhanced Business Productivity: Extend your SAP functionalities, enhancing business productivity and maximizing the value of your SAP investment.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Reduce operational costs while maintaining a robust security posture, ensuring your SAP environment is not just secure but also cost-effective.
  3. Modern Threat and Compliance Requirements: Equip your SAP environment to tackle modern threats and adhere to stringent compliance requirements. Our platform acts as a shield, safeguarding you against potential vulnerabilities.

Efficient Auditing and Data Protection: Mitigating Risks

  1. Streamlined Auditing: Automate manual and time-consuming auditing processes. This not only reduces audit costs but also enhances accuracy, allowing your organization to scale audit operations efficiently.
  2. Mitigating Data Exfiltration Risks: Tighten control over data exfiltration risks. Our risk-aware policies ensure users can export SAP data only in secure environments, preventing potential data breaches.
  3. Fraud Prevention: Stop fraud in its tracks with advanced prevention and detection capabilities. Deploy fine-grained controls that reinforce SAP’s Segregation of Duties policy, preventing losses due to fraud, theft, and errors.

Incorporate Dynamic Data Enforcement into your SAP security strategy and experience a new era of robust protection, streamlined operations, and aligned security policies. Strengthen your SAP environment against every threat and unlock the full potential of your SAP investment.

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