Continuous Automation Testing for SuccessFactors.

Unlock the benefits of cloud-based HR applications with intelligent automation


Automate business process testing for an SAP HANA migration to reduce risk and verify system functionality without overburdening business users


Implement Worksoft Certify to automate end- to-end regression testing and eliminate manual efforts that previously involved a five-week process


Automated 5,463 test steps; achieved 70% of coverage in five weeks with just one person; saved 680 hours per test run compared to manual testing; automation creation 28x faster vs. Micro Focus UFT
Integrated ERP

Get the Checks and Balances that Only Testing Can Bring

There’s more to validate on cloud-based applications like SuccessFactors than simply ensuring it’s up and running. The sheer volume, scope, sensitivity, and complexity of the data within the application reinforces the need to run tests that ensure mission-critical processes like payroll are executed correctly. We know HCM solutions like SAP SuccessFactors are just one of many tools that touch your HR processes. That’s why our industry-leading automation is designed to validate end-to-end processes across your entire IT landscape, no matter how complex, delivering higher levels of quality assurance across applications, technologies, and interfaces.

Configure Automation to Your Enterprise

Accelerate implementations and enhance business process assurance across your entire application landscape. Our team helps you go beyond the basic app availability, taking into account your unique, enterprise-specific configurations and business rules associated with individual HR processes.

Enterprise Data Insight Automation Supports Every Step of S/4HANA Migrations

Discover and Prepare

At the foundation of a successful migration is a deep understanding of your current configurations and how business processes work across your company. Process discovery allows organizations to effectively scope S/4HANA implementation deliverables, allowing them to visualize end-to-end business processes and their evolution over time.

Visualize Processes

Greatly reduce the time it takes to gather data with Enterprise Data Insight by crowdsourcing the most common and critical processes, including any variations and customizations, from users across the globe. With Analyze, Capture allows you to document end-to-end business processes and identify common and critical processes, variations of those processes, and any customisations. With this data in hand, organisations can properly scope efforts and prioritise business processes for automation.


S/4HANA is architected to be delivered in smaller, functional pieces using a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Our Agile Framework allows developers and test automation professionals to work together in an Agile fashion to accelerate and support continuous end-to-end testing of upstream and downstream systems.


Execute end-to-end continuous testing across your entire enterprise application landscape at speed and massive scale with Execution Manager. AI and risk analysis can be applied to identify testing gaps, eliminate duplicate tests, and increase test coverage to support S/4HANA deployment and ongoing change management needs.

Ensure Continuity Amidst Constant Updates

Quarterly updates and complex UIs create resource-intensive processes that demand expertise in order to ensure business continuity at every stage. Without test automation, these technical and functional changes can quickly overwhelm any IT operations group. Intelligent automation allows teams to leverage what’s already been built, adding their own nuances of updates as needed. Not only does this mitigate risk and reduce errors, but it also significantly decreases employee frustration.

Keep Sensitive Information and Mission-Critical Business Processes Safe

Centralized cloud data takes information out of silos, improving your organization’s ability to make the smartest business decisions. But this means personal and sensitive information is no longer protected by the department. Comprehensive role and positive/negative testing ensures sensitive data remains private across the entire HR ecosystem, even in the midst of continuous change from development and new releases.


Ensure SAP SuccessFactors Project “Success” with Enterprise Data Insight

For some projects, the testing effort can be up to 40%. Enterprise Data Insight eliminates manual effort around business process documentation and automates testing. Our solutions dramatically decrease SuccessFactors project timelines by:

Ensure Continuity
Ensure Continuity

Maintain performance of mission-critical HCM business processes, even in the face of constant change.

Build an Automation Library
Build an Automation Library

Automatically capture and document existing processes, and feed them directly to DevOps pipelines.

Stay Up-to-Date
Stay Up-to-Date

Automatically update tests as updates to SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fiori are released.

Execute an End-to-End Process
Execute an End-to-End Process

Easily create tests that cover all the applications and devices accessed by various users, including mobile devices.

Shorten Test Cycles
Shorten Test Cycles

Shorten test cycles and increase test coverage, reducing man hours and required resources.

Transform Collaboration
Transform Collaboration

Auto-generate business process documentation and compliance reports to share among HR analysts, testers, and compliance teams.


S/4 HANA Migration

Enterprise Data Insight Business Solutions provide services for upgrading/migration to S/4HANA including installation and the Data Base Migration of S/4HANA along with other deployment services. Our SAP S/4HANA migration service helps with real-time planning, analysis, and reporting while increasing supply chain procedures.
Test Automation.

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