Protect Critical SAP Transactions and Address Business Risks

In the fast-paced world of SAP, safeguarding critical transactions and mitigating business risks are imperative. Dynamic Data Enforcement acts as a shield, extending and modernizing SAP’s security model. Through sophisticated controls, it prevents unauthorized access, minimizes business risks, and adds granular visibility to detect threats and ensure seamless audits and compliance.

A Data-Centric Approach for Enhanced Security

Embracing a data-centric approach, Dynamic Data Enforcement overcomes the limitations of traditional controls. This enables seamless alignment of SAP security policies with your business objectives, ensuring a robust and adaptable security framework.

Maximizing Your SAP Investment

  1. Enhanced Functionality: Extend SAP’s functionality to boost business productivity, reduce costs, and equip SAP to combat modern threats and compliance challenges.

Efficient Auditing and Reporting

  1. Automated Processes: Streamline auditing and reporting by automating manual tasks. This not only reduces audit costs but also enhances accuracy, enabling scalable audit operations.

Mitigating Risks: Data Exfiltration and Fraud Prevention

  1. Data Exfiltration Control: Tighten control over data exfiltration risks. Utilize risk-aware policies to ensure secure export of SAP data, minimizing the possibility of unauthorized access.
  2. Fraud Prevention: Combat fraud effectively with advanced prevention and detection capabilities. Deploy fine-grained controls that reinforce SAP’s Segregation of Duties policy, preventing losses due to fraud, theft, and errors.

Incorporate our platform into your SAP security strategy and experience heightened protection, streamlined operations, and adherence to aligned security policies. Strengthen your SAP environment against every threat and optimize your SAP investment to its fullest potential.

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Enterprise Data Insight
Enterprise Data Insight