Accelerate delivery and improve agility

Accelerate release deployment without compromising production system stability

Eliminate manual effort

Replace hazardous conventional change methods with consistent and repeatable processes.

Orchestrate change

Track change initiatives in real-time to pinpoint bottlenecks and improve workflows

Optimize change processes, minimize downtime, and ensure support.

Dynamic Change Management (DCM) is the dedicated SAP DevOps platform designed to fast-track your journey towards a faster, safer, and more efficient SAP DevOps environment. This platform supports comprehensive DevOps strategies across all aspects of SAP operations, including business-as-usual processes, projects, upgrades, transformations, and migrations. DCM features a tightly controlled ABAP workflow engine, fully auditable controls, and thorough tracking of all SAP changes, ensuring that you maximize the business value of your technology investments.

Dynamic Change Management

Enhance Your SAP Operations with Cutting-Edge DevOps Platform

Dynamic Change Management (DCM) is a robust SAP DevOps platform designed to facilitate the rapid, low-risk deployment of SAP applications and enhancements. By enhancing organizational agility, DCM supports your SAP DevOps goals and enables continuous delivery of SAP changes. The platform eliminates the need for risky manual change tasks, offers comprehensive support for Agile and SAP DevOps practices, and is pivotal for streamlined SAP S/4HANA migrations. Integration with various ALM tools enhances interoperability, while improved communication features ensure that teams remain synchronized and efficient throughout the development cycle.

Dynamic Change Management

Streamlining SAP Transports with Automation

Dynamic Change Management (DCM) simplifies the movement of transports across diverse SAP solution landscapes with a single request. By automating this process, DCM eliminates the challenges associated with manual transport management, allowing for more efficient change management across even the most complex SAP environments.

  • Eliminate Manual Bottlenecks: Automation reduces the risk of human error and speeds up processes, minimizing potential system downtime.
  • Boost Efficiencies and Reduce Costs: Streamlined workflows lead to significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Accelerate Business Transformation Projects: Quicker and more reliable transport management supports faster project completion and successful business transformations.
Dynamic Change Management

Mastering SAP Change Control with Dynamic Change Management (DCM)

Effectively managing and governing SAP changes is crucial for any organization. Quick and efficient change management depends heavily on rigorous process enforcement. Dynamic Change Management (DCM) enhances this with automated enforcement capabilities, ensuring that standardized change management processes are consistently adhered to.

  • Ease of Compliance with SAP Change Rules: DCM simplifies adherence to SAP change rules, ensuring that all procedures are followed accurately and consistently.
  • Comprehensive Documentation and Tracking: Every change is meticulously documented and tracked, providing a transparent audit trail and enhancing visibility across processes.
  • Enforcement of Configured Workflows: DCM enforces configured workflows, enabling the rapid movement of large volumes of changes. This streamlined approach reduces bottlenecks and accelerates implementation times.

With DCM, take control of your SAP changes through a structured and automated approach that guarantees compliance, enhances efficiency, and supports the rapid scaling of change management efforts.

Dynamic Change Management

Optimizing Release Deployment with Dynamic Change Management (DCM

Deploying frequent releases to production can pose significant challenges for organizations dependent on manual SAP change processes. Dynamic Change Management (DCM) significantly simplifies this process through its advanced release management capabilities. These features streamline the collation, categorization, and management of SAP changes, ensuring deployments are both safe and controlled.

  • Easily Modify Release Content: DCM allows you to quickly make changes to the content of a release, ensuring that adjustments can be made swiftly and accurately.
  • Flexible Release Scheduling: Gain the flexibility to schedule releases for deployment according to your business needs, facilitating better planning and execution.
  • Mass Deployment with Minimal Approvals: Deploy large volumes of SAP changes en masse, reducing the need for extensive approvals and accelerating the deployment process.

With DCM, embrace a more efficient approach to releasing deployments, reducing the complexities and risks associated with manual processes and enhancing overall operational agility.

Dynamic Change Management (DCM) Benefits

Minimise production issues

Minimise predictable production issues, resolve change conflicts, and address missing dependencies.

Automate approval

Automate approval processes by triggering approvals through successful analysis checks.

Minimize risk

Minimize error risk in change deployment by providing a sequenced build list.

Enhance auditing

Enhance auditing processes with easily accessible data and clear paper trails.

Continuous Delivery

Implement rapid, consistent, production-ready changes.

DevOps platforms

Lower costs and simplify integration with DevOps platforms.

Streamline S/4HANA migrations

Accelerate your transition without business disruption

Compliance & governance

Achieve consistent compliance with quality, regulatory, and compliance standards.

Production outages

Prevent production outages by ensuring automatic deployments in the correct sequence.
Dynamic Change Management

Kickstart your SAP DevOps journey with Dynamic Change Management

As your business expands and your requirements change, Dynamic Change Management evolves to manage the growing complexity in your SAP landscape. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.