Data Compliance

Dynamic Data Security Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOX, KVKK, POPI and others.

Scrambling Option

Dynamic Data Security allow you to scramble data in flight or in place scrambling.

Scrambling Policy

Dynamic Data Security out of the box pre defined policy or build your own policy to scramble any customer fields

Data Security for None-Production Systems

Dynamic Data Replicator – Data Secure enables your firm to comply with all well-known data privacy and security regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Sarbanes Oxley, CCPA, SOX, KVKK, POPI and the BDSG .


Random Data Scrambling

Data Security Random Scrambling – This functionality will help the customer to generate random values based on the data type of the field. Randomisation of field values can be also restricted to specific characters/position within a field.


Fixed Data Scrambling

Fixed Value: As part of data replication, this capability allows the client to provide constant values to any field.


Custom Data Scrambling

Custom Function: With the help of this feature, customers will be able to change data to the point where they may make references to numerous fields or add more sophisticated logic to ascertain the value that has to be transferred to the target system as part of data replication.


Accelerate your data compliance

Learn why existing approaches to test data management fail, and how Dynamic Data Replicator giving technical & Functional teams the ability to easily, quickly and securely generate relevant and accurate testing data.