Accelerate delivery and improve agility

Create a new non-production system with the same repository as Production but without the Production client.

Shell Build for SAP

Shell Build creates a new empty system without using all of the production's required disc space.

Reduce costs and response times

Create a system shell quickly without your Production data by avoiding the requirement for a complete installation.

Creating New Empty Shell System

Creating a new system, whether it’s for staging, sandbox, development, QA, training purposes, or aligning non-production repositories with Production, typically involves significant time, effort, additional disk space, and transport management. However, the “Shell Build” feature of the Dynamic Data Replicator streamlines this process.

With the “Shell Build” feature, users can generate a new non-production system that shares the same repository as the production environment but excludes the production client. This allows for efficient system creation without duplicating the entire production setup, thereby saving resources and simplifying the setup process.


System Build

Dynamic Data Replicator “System Build” application assists SAP customers in creating a new test or training system that includes all production configurations.


Client Build

Test Data Replicator “Client Build” application facilitates SAP customers in constructing a new client within non-production environments that closely mirrors the production client.


Data Deletion

Dynamic Data Replicator “Data Deletion” application helps SAP customers to delete transaction and master data in none production system. This ensures a clean non-production environment that aligns with the production system’s repository, eliminating the need for client or system rebuilding.


Accelerate project delivery using Shell Build

Discover the shortcomings of conventional test data management methods and explore how Dynamic Data Replicator empowers technical and functional teams by providing a seamless and efficient solution for generating pertinent and precise testing data with enhanced security measures.