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Validate your payroll system before going live


HCM Reporter is used by thousands of on-premise users around the world every day. Companies of all sizes trust Enterprise Data Insight to produce more effective HR reports, analyses and interfaces.


Reporting from hybrid landscapes requires the ability to easily consolidate data from both cloud and on-premise systems. Easy Reporter provides the necessary tools to perform HCM reporting, payroll reconciliation reporting, data interfaces and more without costly programming or integrations.

Full Cloud

Full cloud customers leverage HCM Reporter to integrate, interface and combine data from different sources to meet the need for consolidated, real-time reporting across their cloud landscape. Reports can even be launched directly from SuccessFactors to create a seamless user experience. Enterprise Data Insight help customers maximize the value of their investment in the cloud.
Go-Live is all about helping you to meet your responsibilities in the implementation: to de-risk and help ensure a successful outcome, and run an SAP SuccessFactors Payroll and HR system that will serve your organisation well, upon go-live and for many years into the future.

Providing HR Master Data in a format that your implementation Partner wants and needs is key for any SuccessFactors Employee Central implementation.

New payroll system implementation sometimes make the news for all the wrong reasons. To increase your chances of a smooth transition, an improved employee experience, and success in partnership with your implementer, you will need to also provide clean and accurate employee payroll test data sets as well as roll your sleeves upon the new payroll system validation and testing (as you understand your data best) to make sure you can sign-off the configuration and outcomes and look forward to a smooth cutover and go-live on Employee Central Payroll.

Go-Live lets you validate your payroll system, ensuring you error-free results every time.

Human Capital Management

Parallel Run Capabilities to Test and Validate Your System

Go Live allows you to run a quick comparison between your legacy system

and your new system to ensure data and configuration alignment. While conducting validations you can:

  • Validate Employee Master Data inside of your new ECP or S/4HANA system by comparing two remote systems
  • Streamline the Parallel Run process through purpose designed testing screens and reports included out ofthe box.

Customers upgrading from non-SAP Solutions can also use the Parallel Run tools to compare the files exported from legacy payroll

  • Visibly see highlighted differences and investigate these from within the tool itself.

Track resolutions by team members for each simulated parallel legacy to new validation

Human Capital Management

Migrate your data to your new Payroll System

Load your existing SAP On-Premise data into the Employee Central Payroll System alongside relevant Infotypes while choosing which transactional data to copy, including Payroll Results, Time Evaluation Results, Finance Postings.

You can also remap Master Data or Transactional Data if the configuration was previously remapped with Easy Migration.

Migrate Production Employees back to Test


Copy Employees from your live to your test and/or development systems in a few clicks. This will allow you to test production issues or new configuration changes before migrating these to production.

Enhance your Payroll Data Testing security by completely anonymizing your content through a thorough data scrambling option that checks out all of the existing global and local Data Privacy laws.

Human Capital Management

Investigate potential errors before they happen

Easy Go Live comes with an automated way to analyze Payroll errors and provides drill down payroll reports with a button press so that the project team will have the capability to investigate and fix them before the cutover and the first live payroll run.


Key Values Points during the Parallel Run & Go Live Phase

➤ Create HR Master data loads for Employee Central Implementation (For existing on-premise SAP HCM / Payroll customers)

➤ Clone and Anonymize Employees for Test purposes and mask sensitive data in project environment to save time and de- risk any future changes to the configuration

➤ Flexibility to update Production with your Legacy SAP Payroll Transactional Data
(No need to keep the old system- this can be date delimited)

➤ Use built-in reports to speed up validation and de-risk Go-live

➤ Analysis tools helps analyze individual employees payroll results to examine issues or explain figures

➤ Use Parallel Run Testing Tools & Tracking across your Payroll Systems (Via File Upload).

➤ Efficiently track resolutions and notes on each comparison run

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Streamline and validate your payroll process system today.

Ready to reimagine everything? Enterprise Data Insight is all about helping you to meet your responsibilities in the implementation: to de-risk and help ensure a successful outcome, and run an SAP SuccessFactors Payroll and HR system that will serve your organisation well, upon go-live and for many years into the future.