Shift-Left Testing

Meet the need for instant, on-demand test data provisioning to support agile software delivery, at enterprise scale

Accelerate delivery and improve agility

Extract production data from any number of systems to any number of test environments, in minutes

Increase test coverage and quality

Create exactly the needed test data to execute your progression and regression tests

Reduce costs and response times

Generate test data effortlessly, while ensuring referential integrity and data security and compliance

Adopting DevOps

Shift-left testing is an approach to software testing in which testing is performed earlier in the software development process. To test earlier, however, requires the earlier availability of realistic test data.

Shift-left testing is common in agile development and DevOps, where software development is decomposed to short-duration “sprints”. Each sprint requires its own testing cycles, and so, creating realistic test data often becomes a bottleneck – eating up the agile productivity gains.

Low-quality test data can cause unreliable test results and low test coverage. This often results in low-quality software delivery, costly rework, and undermined delivery credibility.

The solution is to shift test data provisioning to the left, in support of frequent, high-quality software releases.


Achieve Continuous Quality with Speed

Preparing quality test data has always been a challenge, especially with agile development. And with the growing popularity of the integration of multiple applications, the provisioning of valid test data has become even more complex.

The prime advantage of adopting a shift-left test data provisioning approach is increased efficiency, whose benefits include:

  • Lower development costs
  • Higher quality
  • Faster delivery
  • Easier app release

Make developers responsible for testing

Test Data Organizer addresses the test data challenges of shift-left testing by enabling developers and testers to provision test data based on a specific set of criteria. It then extracts data from production sources and loads it to the appropriate testing environments, with masking.

By preparing the test data requirements together with the test cases, and then provisioning the test data on demand,  shifts testing as far to the left as possible.



Shift-left functional testing using Test Data Optimizer and testing frameworks of choice.

Accelerate test execution
Accelerate test execution

➤ Accelerate test execution and improve code quality with real test data, parallel testing.

Shift-left and accelerate delivery
Shift-left and accelerate delivery

➤ Accelerate delivery with a shift-left test automation tool for developers using the production data.

Create efficiencies with integrations
Create efficiencies with integrations

➤ Create efficiencies through a Optimization platform ecosystem of integrations that that eliminate bottlenecks across the lifecycle


Shift-left and accelerate delivery

Learn why existing approaches to test data management fail, and how Test Data Optimizer is giving DevOps teams the ability to easily, quickly and securely generate relevant and accurate testing data – and shift testing to the far left.