Enterprise Data Insight Migration
Migration solution helps you de-risk and accelerate your migration to Employee Central Payroll.

Step 1: Copy payroll configuration

Identify and select the information you want to copy including, but not limited to Infotype Setup, Time Evaluation, Payroll Area Configuration and other Country-specific payroll.

Use an internal testing tool to ensure that your migration is correct and complete before the live run.

Step 2: Copy employees

Copy employee data and their corresponding payroll results without resorting to manual data extraction.

You also have the options to select the specific infotypes you wish to include, use a “sample data” to run your tests on, and enable data scrambling to remove any data privacy concerns.

Step 3: Validate payroll & employee data

Easily check if your new system is up and running perfectly by using several reports.

These examine and visually highlight the differences between the payroll results from your previous payroll system and Employee Central Payroll system.


Accelerate and de-risk your migration to Employee Central Payroll

Moving to Employee Central Payroll (ECP)?

Many SAP on-premise payroll customers are making their move to Employee Central Payroll (ECP), which can take a considerable amount of time and effort to implement completely. This entails re-implementing payroll entirely or moving the existing configuration to the new system. Migration Solutions helps you make the this crucial move – minus all the hours and hassles involved.
This integrated solution copies your payroll configuration from your existing SAP system, helps you copy Payroll and Employee data to complete your Payroll testing activities, and runs reports between your legacy system and test system to validate your completed payroll configuration before going live.

Optimize migration to Employee Central Payroll by over 90%

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Human Capital Management


  • Identify and migrate payroll configuration to Employee Central Payroll
  • Speed up and de-risk the Migration/Implementation process
  • Securely migrate relevant employee info including payroll results, infotypes, etc. Current and historical results can also be copied in for testing purposes.
  • Use built-in reports to accelerate the validation of data between existing SAP systems

STEP 1: Copy Payroll Configuration

The Migration Configuration Copier comes pre-delivered with the tables that need to be migrated between systems specifically tailored for each country.

You can choose what is moved including Payroll Configuration, Infotype Setup, Time Evaluation, Payroll Area Configuration.

The tool will automatically detect the relevant configuration for the country and migrate this to the target development client.

It will then update the tables and store the entries onto a Transport (Ready for migration to your Test and Production Systems).

The full process can be run in test mode to simulate what will occur before the live run. This entire process is tracked through audit tables.

Human Capital Management

STEP 2: Copy Employees

View SAP HCM and payroll data and results in real-time with HCM Reporter.

With the ability to copy employee data directly between systems, you can firstly use this option to move a number of test employees into the new Development System to test the payroll execution. You have options to scramble the data, so that any concerns about privacy of the employee are removed.

You can be selective on what data is migrated to the new system as you may want to move only certain infotypes (as others will replicate from Employee Central).


STEP 3: Validate Payroll Data

A number of pre-delivered reports can be run out of the box to help you check that the new system is operating as you would expect. Key reports examine Payroll Results between the two systems and highlight differences.

This Pay and Year-to-date reports come out of the box. These reports will automatically connect between the Old Version of SAP and the new Employee Central Payroll system to compare the results.

Reports list will be expanded as new countries and scenarios are identified.


Accelerate and de-risk your migration to Employee Central Payroll

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