Mergers Acquistions and Divestitures

A carve-out is really something. Whole ERP landscapes or IT architectures have to be separated, the operative business has to be kept running at the same tim


Company Code Sub company code Carve-out.


Company Code restructure.


Technical / Functional Consolidation
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Empowering organisations to define their future

In a rapidly changing and dynamic market environment, Mergers & Acquisitions are an integral part of everyday business life. In the resulting integration process, the IT landscapes need to be aligned so that the different business units can collaborate efficiently.

With our proven migration experience we help you in Divestitures and carve-outs projects to provide the relevant data on time and in the set cost frame on the new systems. For this we have developed a proven factory model. The Migration Tool can also be used for test and training data delivery as well as for data anonymization. Due to the possibility of selective data provision, complex data constructs can be made available without great effort and in the shortest possible time, eg for regression tests.

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Merging Assets into an Existing SAP System

Enterprise Data Insight has extensive experience of helping customers to migrate newly acquired assets into a pre-existing or new SAP environments. Based on experiences gained by delivering 50 on-time/on budget M&A projects.

Enterprise Data Insight accelerate the acquisition process using:

  • Our templated data load utilities
  • Our experience of how the migrated data supports critical business processes
  • our ability to fill or augment gaps in testing or training resourcing
  • Our technical teams’ capabilities to stand up SAP environments for practice runs and for ongoing operations – on-premise or in the cloud
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Carve-Out: Splitting Assets out from an Existing SAP System

Divestment timeframes are becoming ever-shorter as deal teams drive ever more challenging time to value deadlines. Enterprise Data Insight has unrivalled expertise in helping organisations on both sides of the deal to shorten Transition Service Agreement timeframes, minimise operational disruption and manage the SAP transition end-to-end.

Enterprise Data Insight accelerate the divestment process using:

  • Our TDMS tools will extract data from your SAP based company code, sales organisation, purchase organisation, plant, warehouse, etc
  • Our experience of how the migrated data supports critical business processes
  • Our ability to fill or augment gaps in testing or training resourcing
  • Our technical teams are expert in standing up SAP environments for dry runs and for ongoing operations – on-premise or in the cloud.

Mergers Acquistions and Divestitures

Rely on our knowledge and expertise to manage, isolate or transform complex, large scale data to support a business merger or acquisition process..
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Creating an SAP Run-Down / Reference System

Often associated with a SAP related acquisition or divestment is the requirement to create a SAP environment to support run-down or ongoing audit/reference activity. Financial audits, GDPR queries, “Right-to-be-Forgotten” requests are all requirements that are ongoing for a period after the transition date. Being able to interrogate that data in the context of the original SAP system is an increasing requirement and one which can be met cost effectively utilising the stand-up/take-down pay-per-use models available from cloud providers.

Enterprise Data Insight accelerate the creation of run-down/reference SAP environments using:

  • Our relationships with the main cloud providers
  • Our tailored SAP technical manage service offering which makes sure the environment is available as needed
  • Our ability to migrate all or part of your SAP environment into a Run-Down/Reference system using our utilities tools.
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SAP Carve-out - Your separation in the best hands

Businesses evolve and change with mergers and divestitures regularly. Enterprise Data Insight knows how to help with these complex projects at every step in the process.