Data centres are where the most savings are available, as well as the most audit dangers. License Optimizer manages complexity and expenses.


Determine the difference between virtual and real computers, map their relationships and topology, and simulate novel configurations in a sandbox.


Since the solution analyses your cloud data and records each subscription, keep a close eye on your SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services.


Monitor on-premises software and cloud services concurrently as the solution analyses your cloud move.

License Optimizer for your SAP license management

Your SAP landscape is a massive network of systems and user accounts that is modified practically daily. With so many changes, it can be difficult to guarantee that your organisation only pays for the licences it need.

License Optimizer provides the most sophisticated SAP rule definitions in the business. You obtain the necessary information to identify individual licence usage (e.g., named user or engine) and to mimic large licence modifications such as S/4HANA migration, Rise with SAP, or cloud migration.

Navigating to S/4HANA

Transition to S/4HANA cloud to accelerate your sustainability targets. Get visibility into the licences you will require in your new S/4HANA environment, whether private cloud, public cloud, or on-premises, to guarantee an easy migration. Check that roles and authorizations are properly configured for optimum security and continuing compliance.

We support software license audit from start to finish

Cost reduction

  • Reduce your licence spending while maximizing your savings.

Audit response

  • Prepare for audits ahead of time so that you can defend your contracts and use.


  • Obtain a precise analysis that reveals how your consumption corresponds to your contracts.


  • Calculate the licences you need for servers, virtual servers, and cloud services in real time.

Cost projections

  • Explore the key software history and trends to help you make business decisions.

Cost avoidance

  • Keep an eye on budget, maintenance, and support charges.

Reduce costs and complexity of software and cloud licenses with our software license management tool

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Digital Access or Indirect Access?

Make a selection that your budget will not regret. SAP claims that document licencing with Digital Access is simple and straightforward, but is it less expensive than indirect access?

License Optimizer assists you in making a decision by examining critical options such as:

  • Determine the cost of your indirect access risk with our SAP solution.
  • Obtain a comprehensive, flexible overview of all papers generated via indirect access.
  • Make use of your overview to calculate the cost of moving from indirect to digital access.
  • Determine whether the ease of document licencing is worth the money SAP demands.
License Optimizer

Cut SAP costs, keep SAP compliance

By incorporating user inspection, user behavior-analysis methodologies, and best practises, License Optimizer provides complete control over SAP licencing.