Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation to S/4HANA

Switching to SAP S/4HANA now can be a step that can significantly advance your business. We make sure that SAP S/4HANA becomes a profit for you faster!

SAP HANA Advisory

  • SAP HANA Feasibility Study and Migration Roadmap.
  • SAP HANA Landscape sizing/setup and System Architecture design.
  • “Proof of Value” – SAP HANA Product Evaluation.

SAP HANA Migration

  • End-to-end support throughout the technical migration process.
  • Heterogeneous system migrations.
  • Expert consulting related to hardware, architecture, and design.

SAP HANA Implementation

  • SAP Business Suite in SAP HANA
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on SAP HANA
  • SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA + BO BI4 platform

SAP HANA Managed Services

  • SAP HANA application monitoring & Support
  • DB Maintenance and support
  • Planning & Consulting for DB design
HANA Services

We make sure that SAP S/4HANA becomes a profit for you faster!

Enterprise Data Insight dedicated teams for product innovation, development, delivery of SAP S/4HANA and new industry solutions. Our in-house experts help your business to transact, analyze and predict in real-time in an increasingly unpredictable world. We can accelerate the move to SAP S/4HANA with our proven methodology. Our proven track record in different industries bears testimony to this fact. You can always expect a rapid return on your investment after working with us.

  • Value-driven, insight-led business cases and roadmap development to accelerate the SAP S/4HANA migration process.
  • Digital transformation becomes easy with our co-developed industry solutions on SAP S/4HANA implementation.
  • We help you with your intelligent supply chain transformation.
  • Conversion to SAP S/4HANA: we have proven methodologies, assets, and capabilities to help clients in their digital journey.
HANA Services

SAP S4 HANA Services for a successful implementation in the real time business.

SAP S/4HANA is built on the advanced in-memory platform and SAP’s proprietary operational database system. It also offers a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori. The SAP S/4HANA product offering consists of two editions: SAP S/4HANA On-Premise and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, to drive instant value across lines of business and industries.

Greenfield, brownfield: pick your path to SAP S/4HANA

The greenfield approach to S/4HANA migration is a new installation that lets your organization predefine migration objects and best practices. It facilitates faster solution adoption and lowers time-to-value and TCO.
Greenfield implemented

SAP Greenfield is the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA without taking over existing system structures. The system is completely new. This involves risks – but above all opens up opportunities. There are several ways to switch to SAP S/4HANA.

Brownfield implemented

Greenfield is a complete overhaul, a brownfield approach is more like an upgrade or renovation of your SAP ERP. … Brownfield lets users reevaluate and edit their existing processes, and port over the ones that are working. On paper, a brownfield approach is both the cheapest and fastest implementation strategy.

Enterprise Data Insight, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business processes to chart a clear picture of what lies within and how it can be improved. You get to assess the impact of SAP S/4HANA on your existing organizational structure, people, and business processes:

  • End-to-End ERP Assessment: Determines the SAP S/4HANA effect on your core transactional systems
  • Business Impact Assessment: Identifies business needs to form a vision for the future solution
  • Business Analytics Assessment: Discovers opportunities for SAP HANA-enabled Business Intelligence
  • Value-based Roadmap Development: Develops a top-level view of future business processes and implementation scenarios

The benefits that an SAP system can provide to organizations are substantial. A successful SAP implementation, though it can be quite challenging and complex. xSAP  Business Solutions helps companies harness the power of SAP’s wide range of solutions so that they have better operational control and gain deeper insights into their business processes.

We help our customers successfully plan, design, and implement SAP software products while employing industry best practices. Our 10+ years of experience in SAP implementation projects span diverse industry verticals and geographies. Our experienced and certified consultants provide SAP implementation on-premise or in the cloud capitalizing a global delivery model.

Our unique approach of “Running Start” powered by proprietary tools and methodology help customers realize the value of SAP implementations at a faster pace. We do not just automate the business process; we help organizations re-engineer their current business process keeping in mind their present and future business growth. Our implementation process ensures a cost-effective mechanism with the help of our innovative delivery models.


Adapting business processes to changing economics and market situations across geographies is a common challenge when considering the deployment of SAP to multiple locations. Our Rollout philosophy conforms to your SAP template, with definitive changes to drive quick and repeatable project implementations.

We are adept at allowing flexible template adjustments and minimize investment in redundant process development. Our Global Rollout methodology is backed by our multiple delivery models and knowledge of local, legal, and statutory requirements across different countries.

Enterprise Data Insight employs a robust repository of reusable ingredients during different phases in the project to hasten the SAP global rollout process. Our dedicated department of experts, specializing in executing multi-country SAP global rollouts across continents by combining SAP standard tools and templates developed in-house is a benefit for your requirement. Our ready to use template SAP global roll-out guidelines, procedures, and standards help you accelerate the global rollout. We assist you to increase visibility to your local business project with quality documentation and re-circulate best practices built at local projects to other projects and improve communication and transparency to enhance your business.

Technical Migration

SAP adds new product features and functionalities to keep pace with technological innovations. Organizations may lose out on the opportunity to improve productivity, performance, and ease of use by not implementing these upgrades. However, the implementation of such enhancements can present significant challenges and disrupt a company’s functioning. Therefore, an appropriate change management strategy has to be plotted, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the business. With over a decade of experience in successful SAP upgrade implementation, Enterprise Data Insight works closely with enterprises to manage all aspects of the SAP system upgrades and migration. Our services range from planning through functional development activities up to go-live and support.

One of the top critical success factors to any SAP implementation is a successful data migration from the customer’s legacy systems into SAP. It is an inherently high-risk factor because SAP requires its master data and open transactional data to be properly matched and attributed in order to function and a translation must occur from a customer’s legacy system in order to map the data correctly. In addition, Master Data should be organized in a way that can support Reporting and Analytics so that customers can truly harvest the value of their data to drive business results. xSAP Business Solutions has developed a comprehensive data migration approach embedded into our proprietary agile SAP implementation methodology to reduce the risk and streamline this workstream.

EDI Data Migration Delivery services includes robotic process automation and prebuilt content with state-of-the-art tools like SAP Data Services, Information Steward and IRPA. In addition, we leverage a data factory approach leveraging our offshore migration experts in a Center of Excellence model enabling us to deliver these services with robust quality processes in the most cost-effective manor.

Industry studies consistently show that the leading causes of ERP projects failing is lack of user acceptance. We at Enterprise Data Insight, believe that one of the top keys for user acceptance is the quality of the solution in meeting the user’s needs both functionally and technically. And nothing erodes user acceptance more than quality issues. To ensure project success, we have built our Quality Engineering and Testing Services (QE&T) into every step of our agile delivery process.  With our services embedded from the project prep phase through user acceptance testing and go-live, our Quality Services are designed to reduce the overall project timeline by eliminating re-work and solving quality issues earlier in the project than traditional testing approaches.

  • Embedded quality steps throughout the project phases
  • Early testing reduces project risk, timeline and cost by up to 30%
  • Test approaches include Functional Testing, Test Automation and Performance Testing
  • Full Testing life-cycle management

As the demand for SAP applications grows, so does the complexity and breadth of the business. To achieve operational and strategic objectives, solutions must include superior technical expertise, dependable support, continuous knowledge management, and measurable cost efficiencies.

Enterprise Data Insight is a leader and partner for your organisation to provide you Application Management Services. We develop and consistently maintain, daily operation, and ongoing support of business applications. We are adept at customising these to suit the evolving needs of your organisation.

Enterprise Data Insight’s AMS is created to provide you cost arbitrage in supporting your SAP systems. Our Application Management Service complements and supplements your internal team by augmenting their skills, cover for leaving and retired employees, and increasing capability arbitrage. We work across time zones and leverage the best practices and methodology of SAP to provide you the best Application Management as we champion in managing workload spikes. Our services are highly reliable, scalable, and flexible as we have a robust and flexible engagement model that caters to the need of your changing business scenarios.

Our Organisational Change Leadership (OCL) methodology supports organisations by assessing the impact of change, developing a tailored strategy, and leveraging our proven accelerators to facilitate transformation. Our mission is to achieve optimal results and empower stakeholders to embrace change.

Enterprise Data Insight OCL is a strategy that facilitates rapid user adoption of new technologies while minimising resistance and managing risk. With a number of experienced SAP delivery and technical professionals, Enterprise Data Insight OCL team has access to the insight into the new changes in applications and processes and how the client will be challenged.

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When we combine the power of SAP S/4HANA and our decades of experience implementing and integrating SAP products, the result is unparalleled ERP optimization for your enterprise. Contact us today to get started!
HANA Services

Intelligent enterprise transformation

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