Protect your sensitive information with powerful data masking.

Enterprise Data Insight enables your company to meet all well-known data protection standards.


Complies with data protection standards, e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, BDSL and the GDPR

Built in Scrambling rules

Off-the-shelf scrambling built-in or you can set your rules

Masking options

Scramble data as part of the copy, i.e. one-step process or in-place after the copy
Data Security

Reduced risk of non-compliant
with Data Masking

Data Masking provides several options to protect sensitive data in non-production environments via data masking. Data masking applies a set of rules to “scramble” your production data when it’s replicated to a non-production environment. Dynamic Masking – is used when the data is in flight. Static Masking – is when you apply scrambling rules to a previously unscrambled non-production SAP environment. Enterprise Data Insight data masking process cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the original source data.


Complete control over
all sensitive data

Enterprise Data Insight Data Security solution enables your company to meet all well-known data  protection standards with easy to configure policy.

Data Masking

➤ Scramble any field
➤ Configurable scrambling rules
➤ Scramble data consistently between ECC, CRM and SRM

Custom Data Masking

➤ An extensible library of functions that define how record field values are masked.


➤ GDPR compliancy – data scrambled on export or in situ with user definable rules

➤ Security compliancy – roles can be configured to ensure security is maintained



Streamline your Data Security with pre-defined masking rules.


➤ Sarbanes Oxley, BDSL and the GDPR


➤ Customise any masking rules to your business need

Ready to Run
Ready to Run

➤ Out of the box masking rules

Data Security

€20 Millions or 4% Revenue per year GDPR Fines

Data Security

Are you Protected?

With Enterprise Data Insight Data Protection you can quickly and easily detect, identify and fix your exposure. The anonymisation process can be applied across all core and/or industry-specific SAP modules and cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the original data.