Documents Manager

An Innovative and Time-Saving Employee Document Solution for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

Flexible Document Generation

Produce letters and documents that contain conditional content. Simply select a document and click a button to generate it. All of the text, logos and graphics are immediately generated and presented based on pre-defined logic.

On-Premise or Cloud

Whether you are using SAP HCM on-premise to generate compensation statements or generating offer letters with SuccessFactors Recruiting, Document Manager powerful document generation solution increases accuracy and saves significant time.

View Documents Anywhere

Document Manager interface allows you to generate employee documents from your browser, portal or mobile device. Documents can also be accessed from a tile within your SuccessFactors screens to further enhance user experience.

Dynamic solution that uses data from across your SuccessFactors
and SAP landscape to make employee documents, letters and
forms available to users in real-time

A faster, better way to create and distribute documents

Documents Manager is a dynamic solution that uses data from across your SuccessFactors and SAP landscape to make employee documents, letters and forms available to users in real-time. Documents such as offer letters, employment confirmations, separation certificates, staff movement letters and Social Security letters can be generated and produced at the push of a button.

Create and Distribute Documents in Less Time

Human Capital Management

Revolutionize How You Create and Distribute Employee Documents

Produce custom employee documents, letters, statements and reports with data from SAP HCM, SuccessFactors Recruiting, Employee Central and third party data sources. It uses conditional logic to generate documents based on pre-determined conditions, saving users time and improving validity of the output.

  • Include HCM data from on-premise and cloud
  • Incorporate pictures, charts and graphs
  • Combine multiple reports in one document
  • Access from SAP, browser, mobile or SuccessFactors
  • Pre-populate employee forms
  • Eliminate programming and data merges

Reduction in time and effort by 98%


When a global manufacturer decided to replace and automate the creation and distribution of performance review letters for 2,500 employees and 72 managers, they chose Documents Manager. After eliminating data extracts and manual merges, the result was a 98% reduction in time and effort spent on this task each year.

Human Capital Management

A dynamic reporting and document creation tool for both SAP on-premise and Employee Central within SAP optimises this process.

HCM Reporter & Document Manager combo helps organisations create comprehensive documents, letters and reports without exiting the SAP landscape. Easily accessing and running documents from SAP, web browsers, self-service portals, or even mobile devices is made possible without custom ABAP development and manual extracts that are both costly and impractical with the current demands for HR and Payroll.

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Minimize employee documents’ distribution efforts

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