Agile Test Data Management with Dynamic Data Replicator

Empowering Software Excellence and Agile Data Management in SAP DevOps Journey

The triumphant launch of new or modernized software hinges on meticulous development processes that ensure a seamless, bug-free transition to a live environment. Incorporating Agile Test Data Management early in the development cycle alleviates the burden on the QA team during the final stages. This strategic approach not only enhances developer productivity but also fortifies production data security, trims costs, and accelerates time-to-market.

Driving Efficiency and Delivering Value in SAP DevOps

A significant challenge faced by users is the timelines compressed by activities such as copying entire production databases, executing system refreshes, and validating data within the SAP ecosystem. However, the growth of production databases can bring forth further technical challenges, particularly when grappling with insufficient and poor-quality data. This predicament leads to protracted development cycles and unsatisfactory outcomes in live environments. In such contexts, organizations necessitate high-quality, up-to-date data for crafting SAP test environments. Unfortunately, conventional tools often exacerbate this issue by replicating excessive test data, consuming precious IT time and infrastructure resources. Enter Dynamic Data Replicator—an adept solution that elevates the quality of non-production SAP environment data by aligning it with actual production data. It empowers the infusion of superior-quality data into the system, eventually rejuvenating the development lifecycle. Moreover, this innovation mitigates the risks linked to excessive transports—typical of traditional data copying processes—leading to accelerated testing and reduced drain on infrastructure resources. The culmination is a streamlined testing cycle, characterized by heightened developer productivity and meticulous oversight of non-production data storage.

Unveiling the Benefits of Dynamic Data Replicator for Agile Data Management

Dynamic Data Replicator emerges as a versatile tool, enabling users to selectively copy master, customization, and transactional data from one SAP client to another with precision. Notable advantages include:

  • Swift client creation without post-processing effort (BDLS)
  • Delta copying for Near Zero Downtime
  • DDR integration in DevOps and shift-left strategies
  • Comprehensive support for tasks like Client refresh, Object Refresh, and Data security
  • Consistent, accurate data in non-production systems

Versatility in Data Selection

Dynamic Data Replicator offers diverse data selection options, including the ability to copy Transaction, Master Data, and Custom data. Users can opt for a specific date range, ensuring precise data selection. Other selection criteria encompass Company code, Object, and more.

Seamless Data Management

The tool eliminates the need for data downtime during transfers, and additional hardware isn’t required. It operates within your SAP namespace, facilitating efficient data transfer via methods such as RFC, Webservices, and File Export and Import. Dynamic Data Replicator empowers role-based access, facilitating secure delegation of tasks, from admin functions to testing and security roles.

Adaptable to Diverse Scenarios

Dynamic Data Replicator’s versatility shines in various scenarios—production support, test cycle reduction, infrastructure cost reduction, GDPR-compliant data masking, S4/HANA Proof of Concept, and expediting data movement in DevOps, divestiture, and GDPR compliance transformations. In each context, it equips developers to:

  • Efficiently select and copy relevant data for testing
  • Copy production data for issue resolution and root cause analysis
  • Facilitate realistic training through replication of real data
  • Protect sensitive information through masking techniques

Incorporate the Power of Dynamic Data Replicator

Dynamic Data Replicator’s prowess in enhancing software development and agile data management is undeniable. As you navigate SAP DevOps journeys, Dynamic Data Replicator becomes your steadfast ally, steering you toward seamless efficiency, exceptional security, and unparalleled data management excellence.

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