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You can rapidly create new non-production systems, reduce the footprint when refreshing clients, copy selected data on-demand, and scramble data for security (GDPR for none production systems)

SAP NetWeaver

Synchronize SAP Data

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) reduces the time and effort needed to generate test data across multiple environments copy and synchronize transactional data from prod to non-prod. Identify, select, and delete non-production data


Enabling DevOps

Enabling DevOps & Shift left with automated test data lifecycle management. Produce a fully functional client with a reduced footprint, time and effort.

S/4 HANA 2021

GDPR Compliance

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) quickly eliminates exposing sensitive data to ensure you are compliant with data privacy such as GDPR, SOX, for non-production environments.

Dynamic Data Replicator

Rapidly create new non-production

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) rapidly provides reliable, realistic and consistent test data for your development, test and training systems. Thanks to the DDR availability, you can prepare tests faster than with a system copy, reduce footprint during the refresh therefore shortening your overall project duration with integrated scrambling of data.

Driving Testing Efficiency and Compliance.

  • Creates a new non-production system shell, without any application data.
  • Creates lean SAP clients that are fully functional with data privacy.
  • Functional users can copy specific data scenarios, on demand using wizard.
  • Reduce infrastructure and data maintenance costs.
  • Increase efficiency in development, testing, and training (Shift-Left and DevOP)
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting test data environments.

Quickly Select and Copy ONLY Relevant Data Subset for DevOps

  • Facilitating a shift-left software testing approach, performed earlier in the lifecycle.
  • Enabling DevOps with Automated test data lifecycle management.
  • Keep data subsets in sync across systems
Awesome Data Subsetting

Powerful and flexible methods to transform

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) all organisation to  update application data in non production system by selectively extracting Master and Transaction data.  In addition sensitive personal informations is protected using data pseudonymization.

  • Shell creation – Build systems, keep them in sync.
  • Full system / create smaller, fully functional clients.
  • Select and identify just the data you require, according to specific criteria.
  • Scramble personal or business sensitive information.
  • Support all ABAP stacks / Business Suite on HANA.

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) Benefits


SAP Clients can be quickly created for project specific work with accurate subsets of data from production

Faster ROI

Reduce infrastructure and expenses as well as the footprint of your non-production system (on-prem or on cloud)

Quality Control

Test cycles reduced and value delivered faster using real data from production – linked to the development


No full copies, no down time, no BDLS – saving resource, no additional hardware, time and money


Comply with data privacy laws by scrambling sensitive production data in none production (in flight or in place).

Migrate to HANA /S4

Transition to innovative software, such as SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA or SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Dynamic Data Masking

The new approach allows to ask and filter data at DB level, at runtime based on dynamic policies

Any applications using Hana DB, Oracle DB or any JDBC/ODBC DB will be protected systematically, in any UI, any users (even administrators), any modes (debugging..).

Data Masking and filtering

Perform field-level data masking and filtering based on dynamic attributes

Customizable Policy Creation

Centrally manage policies with customizable masking patterns and rules to determine who, what, when, where, and why to mask field(s) in real-time

Centralized Policy Management

Support any UI, Fiori application, transaction, or microservice with a single set of policies within a single solution

Centralized Audit & Monitoring

Monitor, track, report, and alert on risky access activities to critical field(s)

Native SAP Integrations

Integrate natively with SAP ECC and S/4HANA
Data Security

Sensitive data masking

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) scrambling ensures that sensitive data is anonymized for confidentiality as it is transferred to the non-productive environment. You can define rules and scramble non-key fields.

  • In flight Masking: when the data is in process.
  • In-Place Masking: Apply scrambling rules to a previously unscrambled SAP environment such as non-production
  • Out of the box scrambling rules.
  • Customise any  scrambling rules.
  • Compliance with GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and SOX

Questions & Answer

Architecture reduction

Non production systems are maintained with a much smaller foot print resulting in architecture savings. This is even more significant when considering the higher costs of the HANA platforms.

No additional hardware is required.

Development testing increased efficiency and cost reduction

Real, relevant and reliable data on demand in development significantly increases efficiency and at the same time reduces the number of transports required per development. Some of our customer saw a 70-80% reduction in transports.

Data Accuracy

Copies the data exactly as it exists in production. The same document number the same posting date as well as being able to copy free text and idocs.

Shorten test cycles and reduce costs

Together with the reduction in the number of transports reaching QA, having real, relevant and reliable data in QA provides for more efficient testing and a shorter time to value of developments

Reduce time to deployment and costs of EHP’s rollouts

One of the main delaying factors when rolling out SAP EHP’s is the lack of quality data for testing. Using Dynamic Data replicator data can be provided on demand, remove the data bottle neck and avoid the unnecessary costs associated with production copies or the manual keying of test data.

Keep data in sync across the supported SAP landscape

Enterprise Data Insight  is able to ensure that the data exported from ECC is replicated in CRM and SRM to create a consistent set of data across the landscape.

Meet compliance and data security regulations

The comprehensive, out of the box, user definable and extendable data scrambling (masking / anonymisation) capabilities to ensures customers are able to meet the US/EU Safe Harbour and EU GDPR rules for data security avoiding large fines and significantly reducing the costs of meeting these stringent requirements.

Improved efficiency and reduce costs of providing training

Providing training often requires a full production copy and manual keying of data. Once the training is completed the training client has to be rest and the process repeated resulting in unnecessary lost time and expense.

A training client can be quickly created with the required data. Once training is complete the training client can be reset by deleting all the data contained within and reimporting the training master export file.

Rapid time to value

Dynamic Data Replictaor (DDR) is quick to implement and train on resulting in a very short time to value. Solutions for ECC is implemented in 2 days and trained on in 3 days.

The configuration tables contains all the business logic flows of SAP. No coding or building of scenarios are required resulting in a much lower total cost of ownership.

 Provides an automated process of building in the customers Z & Y tables into the business process flows.

No costs as DB grows

The priced is based  on the production database size at the point of contract. Enterprise Data insight does not charge the customer more regardless of how large the production database grows during the contract.

No technical know how required

Simple and easy to use and is designed to be administered by the Basis team and used by the functional teams.  Functional teams do not need to know anything about the underlying SAP structures of business flows only they data they want and need.

This provides a much simpler and easier to use solution, again a lowering cost of ownership as no additional consulting is required to build data scenarios – it is all out of the box.

Support for all business objects – no coding – reduced costs

Supports all SAP business objects and all SAP industry solutions out of the box. A number of TDM solutions on the market are limited to a set number of business processes leading to substantial additional consulting time or internal basis time to build / code the support for missing business objects.



Your complete solution to streamline test data 

Ensures accurate, consistent data in non-production systems
Ensures accurate, consistent data in non-production systems

Complies with data protection standards
Complies with data protection standards

Creates clients quickly and with no post-processing.
Creates clients quickly and with no post-processing.

Delete selective data in non-production
Delete selective data in non-production

Option to actively select a date range (start and finish date)
Option to actively select a date range (start and finish date)

Delta copying for zero downtime
Delta copying for zero downtime

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Mergers Acquistions and Divestitures

Divestment timeframes are becoming ever-shorter as deal teams drive ever more challenging time to value deadlines. Enterprise Data Insight has unrivalled expertise in helping organisations on both sides of the deal to shorten Transition Service Agreement timeframes, minimise operational disruption and manage the SAP transition end-to-end.

Dynamic Data Replicator allows you to set up the new target system with the repository and customizing from the source system. With Dynamic Data Replicator you controls your data migration (company code, sales organization, purchase organization, plant, warehouse) and executes it according to predefined rules. Data is copied from the source environment precisely and consistently and transferred to the new target system. The near-zero downtime method allows for ongoing operations to continue almost without interruption. After the migration, automated tests and checks of data consistency are performed – simplifying and accelerating test cycles.

Eliminate Data Bottlenecks
to Drive SAP S4 HANA Transformation.

The transformation to SAP S/4HANA is a concern for companies worldwide. The new business suite will replace existing ERP systems by the end of 2027 and support organizations in tackling the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in a flexible, fast and informed manner.

Dynamic Data Replicator (DDR) helping enterprises quickly and easily select, protect and load modest subsets of production data into pilot SAP HANA systems for proof of concepts or evaluation

  • Reducing your dataset sizes across production and non-production.
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs.
  • Reduce the outage to the business in the cutover event itself.
  • Integrated GDPR compliant anonymisation and/or pseudonymisation

support issues

➤ Accurately and quickly recreate the issue in a QA environment
➤ Test the issue and find a solution (make multiple copies!)

development & config

➤ Copy business data to development
➤ Correct configuration before transporting to QAS system

environment Support

➤ Use cloning to create multiple copies of objects
➤ Create a file of data for re-import.

pack testing

➤ Test support pack changes with production data (SAP HCM)
➤ Copies data from a lower to higher release (e.g. 4.6c to ECC6.0 EHP8)